What cars use the ZF 8 speed transmission?

Manufacturers from Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Ford and BMW all rely on ZF transmissions to function. You would never think there was anything in common with a Ford F-150 and Rolls Royce – but they both often contain a ZF gearbox.

Who uses the ZF 8 speed transmission?

Chrysler Group is licensed to produce the 8HP at the company’s Kokomo Transmission Plant and the Kokomo Casting plant, production began in 2013. This transmission is marketed by Chrysler under their own brand name, the Torqueflite 8.

ZF 8HP transmission.

Predecessor ZF 6HP transmission

What companies use ZF transmissions?

While Chrysler brought it to the US, it uses the ZF 8HP in everything from its luxury car models to its Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. Other car manufacturers that have adopted this transmission in its production vehicles include BMW, Maserati, Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce.

Does Toyota use ZF transmissions?

What does the Aston Martin Vantage, Jeep Track Hawk, Toyota Supra, and pretty much every BMW have in common? They all use an eight-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission.

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Is ZF better than DCT?

DCT is shorter because it does not need a torque converter. There is the ZF-9 but it is unproven. Therefore, DCT seems to find refuge in transverse applications or in more compact packaging like in mid engined cars. With that said, it’s clear to me a ZF is a better transmission in terms of everyday performance.

Is the ZF transmission reliable?

ZF provides comprehensive system solutions all from a single source. The transmission components are perfectly harmonized with one another. The result: every transmis- sion system is a brand name product known for its reliability around the world.

What does ZF stand for?

ZF Friedrichshafen

Type Private. Aktiengesellschaft
Products Transmission systems, steering, axle components, Electronic Systems, Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), Inflatable Restraint Systems/Airbag, Seat Belt Systems, Brake Systems
Services Design, Research and development
Revenue €36,518 Million (2019)

Are ZF 8 speed transmissions reliable?

What Makes the ZF 8 Speed Transmission Excellent? The ZF 8 Speed transmission has an overwhelmingly positive reputation within the automobile industry. Its highly flexible design means that the ZF transmission can be used within a huge number of car models, ranging from expensive sports cars to luxury sedans.

How much is ZF worth?

In the 2020 fiscal year, ZF Friedrichshafen reported holding total assets to the value of around 36.7 billion U.S. dollars. This represents an increase of almost 14 percent compared with the previous fiscal year when the company held assets worth some 32 billion U.S. dollars.

Is ZF owned by Bosch?

On January 30, 2015, the Bosch Group completed its acquisition of ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s 50-percent share in the joint venture ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (ZFLS). The antitrust authorities have approved the acquisition. This means that Bosch now owns all shares in the formerly 50:50 joint venture.

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Does Audi use ZF transmission?

The design of the particular ZF eight-speed transmission used by Audi improves fuel consumption by around 14 percent compared with a standard five-speed automatic because of its longer gear ratio.

Who makes transmissions for BMW?

Nearly all BMWs already use ZF transmissions. ZF opened the plant, located in Gray Court, S.C., in 2013 and expanded it in 2016, taking it from 975,000 square feet to 1.4 million. ZF has invested more than $600 million in the plant, which makes 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions.

What cars use Aisin transmission?

Aisin AW supplies automatic transmissions to 55 automotive manufacturers around the world, virtually every major OEM. These include General Motors, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, VW, Volvo, Hyundai, MINI among others.

How much power can the ZF 8 speed handle?

Beyond performance, the eight-speed’s appeal is rooted in its versatile modular design. It can accommodate a maximum torque output from as low as 162 pound-feet up to 770. It is compatible with a variety of all- and four-wheel-drive systems, such as an integrated center differential or a two-speed transfer case.

Is ZF dual clutch?

The dual clutch transmission from ZF enables lightning-fast gear changes under load without interrupting the torque. It is thus ideally suited for vehicles with dynamic/sporty designs. In them, the ZF transmission performs a balancing act between pure sportiness and the highest driving comfort.

Is ZF 8 dual clutch?

ZF has introduced a new 8-speed dual clutch transmission designed to cater for all drive trends. Compared to its predecessor, it has shrunk enabling purely electrical operation.

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