Why is the Carnot engine not possible?

In real engines, the heat transfers at a sudden change in temperature whereas in a Carnot engine, the temperature remains constant. In our day to day lives, reversible processes can’t be carried out and there is no such engine with 100 % efficiency. Thus, the Carnot cycle is practically not possible.

Why is Carnot engine Impossible?

Because the Carnot cycle consist of Isothermal process which is not possible to achieve in reality. The perfect Isothermal requires temperature of the system to be constant irrespective of increase in pressure and decrease in volume. Carnot cycle is ideal cycle in nature.

Is a Carnot engine possible?

While Carnot engines are ideal engines, in reality, no engine achieves Carnot’s theoretical maximum efficiency, since dissipative processes, such as friction, play a role. Carnot cycles without heat loss may be possible at absolute zero, but this has never been seen in nature.

What are the limitations of Carnot engine?

 The higher the temperature of the low- temperature sink, the more difficult for a heat engine to transfer heat into it. Thus, lower thermal efficiency also. 16. LIMITATIONS OF CARNOT CYCLE  The isentropic process 1-2 is practically not achievable,as it is difficult to handle two phase system.

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Can we make Carnot cycle engine?

A Carnot heat engine is a theoretical engine that operates on the Carnot cycle. … The system may be worked upon by an external force, and in the process, it can transfer thermal energy from a cooler system to a warmer one, thereby acting as a refrigerator or heat pump rather than a heat engine.

Why 100 efficient engine is not possible?

A heat engine is considered to be 100% efficient if only all the heat is converted into useful work or mechanical energy. … Since heat engines cannot convert all the heat energy into mechanical energy, their efficiency can never be 100%.

Is it possible to have a 100% efficient engine?

It is impossible for heat engines to achieve 100% thermal efficiency () according to the Second law of thermodynamics. This is impossible because some waste heat is always produced produced in a heat engine, shown in Figure 1 by the term.

Why does the Carnot heat engine not exist in practice give any four points?

A Carnot engine has to be perfectly reversible. This means zero friction, and perfect thermal conductivity between reservoirs*. In practice neither of these things are possible so you will only ever get “close”.

What is Carnot cycle and its limitations?

Limitations Of Carnot Cycle:

The Carnot Cycle is used to study the heat engine and not extend to other types of devices. In the practical engine, the heat loss will be possible wherein the Carnot Cycle it is not mentioned which results in the maximum efficiency (which is not possible).

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What are the limitations of a Carnot cycle for refrigeration?

Limitations of Carnot cycle:

This is difficult to achieve in practice. In addition, the volumetric refrigeration capacity of the Carnot system is very small leading to large compressor displacement, which gives rise to large frictional effects.

What are the limitations of reversed Carnot refrigeration cycle?

Reversed Carnot refrigeration cycle with liquefaction and vaporization of the refrigerant. There are two major drawbacks to the reversed Carnot cycle with phase-change refrigerant: 1. The adiabatic compression between Tlow and Thigh occurs in the liquid–vapor region, which is why it is called wet compression.