What size is transmission cooler line?

What size are transmission cooling lines?

The sizes can run from 5/16 inch to 5/8 inch so that DIYer will need to be careful to choose the right size hose.

Can I use rubber hose for transmission cooler lines?

You can use rubber hose, but make sure it’s transmission cooler line rated. The pressure is quite low (12-15 psi). Double clamp it or use FI type clamps instead of the worm-drive style.

Which transmission cooler line is which?

Trans Cooler Return Line Chart

Transmission Location
Chrysler / AMC
404, 413, 470 Top
41TE, 41AE, (604) Front
42LE Top

What size are 700R4 cooler lines?

Oil Cooler Line Fitting TH250 TH350 700R4 4L60 Transmission 5/16 x 1/4 M462C.

Which transmission line is the return?

The lower line near the bottom will be the return line.

Can you use gas line for transmission cooling lines?

Fuel line hose isn’t up to the pressures normally associated with automatic transmissions. Use the proper stuff. If that thing splits or blows loose and hoses down any portion of your exhaust system hot enough to ignite it, your truck could end up burned to the ground.

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How much pressure is in a transmission cooling line?

its about 20 pounds at most , if you do use rubber line make sure its for powersteering/transmission as regular rubber hose will soften and fail from the fluid type not the pressure , but like you I found the hard way that if a little of the line develops pinholes the whole line is shot , I replaced mine with stainless …

Can you bypass a transmission cooler line?

It is possible to bypass the factory cooler in the radiator by blocking off the input/output locations for the transmission cooler on the radiator. You would then need to mount the largest possible cooler that you can get to fit or install a remote cooler with its own fan.

What happens if you hook up transmission lines backwards?

If you had it reversed, the pump would be trying topush fluid through the bottom of the cooler, up through the cooler, out the top into the bottom of the rad, and up through the rad to the top. More weight to push.

Where are transmission cooler lines located?

Remove the two transmission cooler lines from the bottom of the radiator. These two lines can be accessed either from underneath the hood or underneath the vehicle. Use the flare nut wrench to remove the lines in the same manner used to remove the lines from the transmission.

What is 700R4 transmission?

The 700R4 transmission is an automatic transmission that was found in GMC and Chevrolet cars and trucks. It was developed with the aim of improving fuel economy in cars, and it achieved this goal thanks to the overdrive it featured.

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How do you stop a transmission line from leaking?

If you discover a leak from a gasket or seal in your transmission, the best way to stop the leak is to simply add BlueDevil Transmission Sealer to your transmission fluid.