What kind of fluid goes in a 727 transmission?

Super Moderator. ATF+4 is the recommended replacement for ALL Torqueflite transmissions, per Chrysler.

How much fluid does a 727 transmission hold?

For just a filter change with a stock pan, 4-5 quarts is all that’s needed. Pardon me but my karma just ran over your dogma.

What kind of transmission fluid does a Chrysler take?

Valvoline ATF+4® is a full-synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of (FCA) Fiat Chrysler automatic transmissions. It is officially licensed and approved by FCA and is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever ATF+3, ATF+2 or ATF+ is specified.

Is ATF the same as Type F transmission fluid?

Ford Type F—an old ATF first introduced in 1967 and used in all Ford products prior to 1977, and in some until 1980; also used in various import vehicles of the period, including Mercury Capri, Jaguar, Mazda, Saab, Toyota, and Volvo. Type F is not compatible with any other ATF.

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Is the 727 a good transmission?

When speaking of automatic transmissions, the Chrysler A-727 or TorqueFlite 8 units are not only easy to find because of their many years of use, but they are also very strong and can be used in many performance and non-Chrysler applications, as well.

Can you use Type F transmission fluid in a Dodge?

RAY: If you put Dexron, Mercon or Chrysler 7176 transmission fluid in just about any transmission, it will perform just fine. … And in transmissions that are not designed for it, Type F fluid will cause rough shifts, and can even cause damage by making the torque converter engage before it should.

Can I use ATF 3 instead of ATF 4?

ATF+4 is backward compatible with ATF+3 so you can use it with no issues.

What color is Mopar transmission fluid?


Mopar ATF+4 has exceptional durability. However, the red dye used in ATF+4 is not permanent; as the fluid ages, it may become darker or appear brown in color. ATF+4 also has a unique odor that may change with age.

What is dexron VI compatible with?

DEXRON-VI can be used in any proportion in past model vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, in place of DEXRON-III (for instance, topping off the fluid in the event of a repair or fluid change). DEXRON-VI is also compatible with any former version of DEXRON for use in automatic transmissions.

Can you use dexron in place of Type F?

So, when folks say Type F and Dexron II are compatible, what it really means is, if you got a little Type F in your Dexron II or vice-a-versa, it shouldn’t hurt anything. Barring better evidence, I’d stick with the stock recommended fluid, and enjoy the firmer shifts from the shift kit.

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Is Type F transmission fluid the same as dexron?

General Motors referred to its ATF as Dexron II and Ford’s specified fluid was labeled Mercon. Ford first produced its own ATF in 1967 and referred to as Type F. … This fluid was used in all Ford transmissions until 1977 and most Ford transmissions until 1980.

What can I use in place of Type F transmission fluid?

This type of drive train fluid should not be used in automatics that require Type F. It can be replaced with Mercon or Mercon V specification.

How much HP can a stock 727 handle?

The 727 is a relatively simple piece when compared to other automatic transmissions, and its strength is a function of that simplicity. We’ve put stock TorqueFlite transmissions behind big-blocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well.

Does a 727 transmission have overdrive?

Convert Your 727 To A Six-Speed Overdrive With Gear Vendors’ Tailshaft-Mounted Overdrive Unit. … With the overdrives came the additional benefits of reduced engine wear, noise, and effortless high-speed cruising.

Are all 727 transmissions the same?

Much of what helped make the Chrysler 727 so strong had to do with its simple design. All versions featured the same gear ratios: 2.54:1 (1st), 1.45:1 (2nd), 1.01 (3rd) and 2.21:1 (reverse), along with two transmission bands.