What is the following two stage of combustion of SI engine?

Combustion in SI engine may roughly is divided into two general types: Normal and Abnormal (knock free or knocking). Theoretical diagram of pressure crank angle diagram is shown in figure below. (a →b) is compression process, (b→c) is combustion process and (c→ →d) is an expansion process.

What are the stages of combustion in SI engine?

On the basis of Recardo experiment, there are three stages of combustion in SI engine as given below: Preparation phase. Flame propagation phase. After burning.

  • Preparation Phase. The preparation phase is also called a period of ignition lag. …
  • Flame Propagation Phase. …
  • After Burning.

What are the stages of combustion?

Different significant phases of combustion are explained as under. 1) Ignition Delay Period • Physical delay • Chemical Delay 2) Uncontrolled Combustion 3) Controlled Combustion 4) After Burning Page 3 • Injection of fuel in atomized form is initiated into the combustion space containing compressed air.

What are the 3 stages of combustion?

Based on the experimental results the combustion in SI engines takes place in three stages as follows:

  • Period of ignition Lag Or preparation phase.
  • Flame propagation phase.
  • after burning or flame termination phase.
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What is the combustion in spark ignition engine Mcq?

What is the combustion in spark ignition engine? Explanation: The combustion in spark ignition engine is homogeneous while the combustion in compression ignition engine is heterogeneous.

What is the combustion chamber in an engine?

A Combustion Chamber is the area within the Cylinder where the fuel/air mix is ignited. … The Cylinder houses many of the important components of an Internal Combustion Engine including the Injector Nozzle, Piston, Spark Plug, Combustion Chamber, and others.

Which of the following is an example of internal combustion engine?

The intermittent-combustion engine is characterized by periodic ignition of air and fuel and is commonly referred to as a reciprocating engine. Discrete volumes of air and fuel are processed in a cyclic manner. Gasoline piston engines and diesel engines are examples of this second group.

What is second stage of combustion?

Air staging, or two-stage combustion, is generally described as the introduction of over-fire air into a boiler or furnace.

What is abnormal combustion in SI engine?

There are two forms of abnormal combustion in SI engines: … This process is self-increasing, until some engine components collapse. This problem can be solve by a proper design of the engine and the use of good quality lubricant. 2)Knock: the fresh charge auto-ignites before being reached by the flame front.

How can a two stroke engine identify by?

How can a two-stroke engine identify by? Explanation: The two-stroke engine is identified by the absence of valves. Almost all two-stroke engines do not have valves. This makes the two-stroke engine easy to produce and maintain.

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Which of the following is true for a two stroke engine?

In a two stroke engine, the working cycle is completed in two revolutions of the crankshaft. Explanation: In a two stroke engine, the working cycle is completed in one revolution of the crankshaft. 2.

What is the compression ratio in SI engine Mcq?

The compression ratio for petrol engines is:

15 to 20.