What is a 727 transmission?

The Chrysler A-727 transmission, also known as the TorqueFlite 8 units is a three-speed transmission that was launched around 1956. It was mainly used in Mopar cars with larger engine size from 1962 and also found a use case in certain vehicles as their original equipment component.

How much horsepower can a-727 handle?

The 727 is a relatively simple piece when compared to other automatic transmissions, and its strength is a function of that simplicity. We’ve put stock TorqueFlite transmissions behind big-blocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well.

How can you tell a-727 transmission?

You can easily identify an A-727 by its oddly shaped 14-bolt oil pan. The A-727 uses a paper fluid filter and has two transmission bands, one for reverse, and the other is a kickdown band. All shift ratios were 2.54:1 for first gear, 1.45:1 for second gear and 1.0:1 for third gear.

Are all 727 transmissions the same?

Much of what helped make the Chrysler 727 so strong had to do with its simple design. All versions featured the same gear ratios: 2.54:1 (1st), 1.45:1 (2nd), 1.01 (3rd) and 2.21:1 (reverse), along with two transmission bands.

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What is a TorqueFlite automatic transmission?

TorqueFlite (also seen as Torqueflite) is the trademarked name of Chrysler Corporation’s automatic transmissions, starting with the three-speed unit introduced late in the 1956 model year as a successor to Chrysler’s two-speed PowerFlite.

What is the difference between a 727 and 904 transmission?

The 727 was the only available automatic transmission for big block cars. You could get a 727 for a small block, which where mostly for 340’s and 360’s or you could get a 904 which was primarily for the 318. 727 is a much heavier duty transmission and can really take a beating.

Is a 727 transmission automatic?

The Chrysler Torqueflite 727 was introduced in 1962 as the replacement to the A-488. For three decades, it was Mopar’s flagship automatic transmission, and an important transmission in the history of Chrysler, as well as Jeeps and other car makers.

How much does a TorqueFlite 727 weight?

TorqueFlite 727 Specs & Ratios

Type: 3 speed automatic
Applications: Various Chrysler and AMC, 1962 – 1991 1989 – 1991 Dodge D250, D350, W250, W350
Case Material: Cast aluminum with integrated bellhousing
Case Length: 34.39 inches
Weight: ~ 130 lbs

How do I identify my Mopar transmission?

How do I Identify Chrysler Transmissions?

  1. Determine if the transmission is an automatic or a manual, also known as a standard transmission.
  2. Go underneath the vehicle to access the transmission. …
  3. Count the number of bolts and view the transmission pan shape on the automatic transmission.

How much does a big block 727 weigh?

The aircraft gross weight eventually increased from 169,000 to 209,500 pounds (76,700 to 95,000 kg) for the latest versions.

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Does a-727 have overdrive?

Convert Your 727 To A Six-Speed Overdrive With Gear Vendors’ Tailshaft-Mounted Overdrive Unit. … With the overdrives came the additional benefits of reduced engine wear, noise, and effortless high-speed cruising.

How much fluid does a-727 transmission hold?

For just a filter change with a stock pan, 4-5 quarts is all that’s needed. Pardon me but my karma just ran over your dogma.

Are TorqueFlite transmissions good?

The TorqueFlite Chrysler A904 and A727 ( Torque-Command) transmissions were introduced in early 1960. They were extremely reliable and bulletproof. They were installed in Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler cars, vans, trucks, and even race cars. … The TorqueFlite is considered one of the best Dodge/Chrysler transmissions.