Quick Answer: Can you put a 15p head on a 10p engine?

1. yes it’s fairly easy to swap a 10p engine for 15p and the manual (new engine) to auto (my car) was easy enough also, However, if your going to buy a used engine my 5p worth would be to hear it running first and don’t accept someones word for it (the ba^&%&^d who sold it to me on ebay still won’t reply to my emails).

What is the difference between td5 10P and 15P?

15P’s are generally better as they have a different cylinder head design. 10P’s had 2 fuel rail drillings in the head, and there wasn’t much metal between them, they used to spring a leak into the sump. Later 15P’s has only one drilling and an external pipe.

Do td5 injectors need coding?

They need to be coded in when they are replaced, using the number. Jonv8 will tell you properly, he’ll have done it.

Is the TD5 a BMW engine?

No, it’s not an BMW engine, but an Rover design and, as it was almost finished when BMW took over, they agreed to continue work to fit it in Landrovers.

Is the TD5 engine reliable?

The TD5 has had head cracking issues, and the problem of head gasket and gasket dowels, but most should be through this by now, you’ll just have to watch out for anything that hasn’t had the repairs done. The Dual-Mass flywheel can fail, and that is typical of ALL dual-mass flywheels, not just the TD5’s.

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What is a Nanocom?

Custom Remap for the TDV6 – EMS Flash File [NANOCOM]

A custom VBF Remap file that can be programmed into the engine management using our diagnostic server based systems applicable to Discovery 3 / LR3 or Pre 2010 Range Rover Sport with a TDV6 Diesel Engine.

What engine is the Td5?

Engines used by the British company Land Rover in its 4×4 vehicles have included four-cylinder petrol engines, and four- and five-cylinder diesel engines.

Td5 (engine codes: 10P, 15P and 16P)

Configuration Inline-5 cylinders
Displacement 2.5 L; 152.4 cu in (2,498 cc)
Cylinder bore 84.45 mm (3.325 in)

Is the Td5 common rail?

Many new diesels are being developed with a common rail system invented by Fiat and developed by Bosch. They include the new Range Rover, due next year, which will have a new BMW V-6 diesel engine using the common rail technology. … The new electronic unit injection engine, called Td5, gives 136hp and 300 Nm.

When did Land Rover Td5 start?

TD5 (1998 – 2007)

Land Rover engineers (in conjunction with Lucas) developed their own electronic unit injector system and, unusually, their own engine ECU to manage the fuel injection.

Which is the best Defender engine?

While the 2021 2.2-litre TDCi is the most powerful and refined engine ever to call the Defender its home, we’re willing to bet that more than a few Defender owners would argue that the old 300Tdi is by far the most robust and off-road friendly engine of all the iterations of years gone by!

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Are old Land Rover discoverys reliable?

The previous incarnation of the Land Rover Discovery had a woeful reliability record, but this one appeared to do a little better. That said, it’s not completely without its problems: the air suspension and air compressor have been known to fail.