Question: Can you replace a rear main seal without removing the transmission?

How to Replace a Rear Main Seal without Removing The Transmission. Changing the rear mail seal requires you to work hard for a long time. You will also need some special tools to execute this. Yes, you can ask a mechanic to fix it for you, but you will be surprise to know the rear main seal replacement cost.

How hard is it to replace a rear main seal?

Its’ Hard. Replacing a rear main seal is time consuming, requires special knowledge of your vehicle and the use of special tools if you are going to do it correctly and without placing you or your vehicle in danger.

How many hours does it take to replace a rear main seal?

Replacing a Rear Main Seal

However, the process to get to the rear main seal to replace it often requires removal of the entire engine and transmission from the vehicle, a job that can only be done by very skilled mechanics and even then can take 6-10 hours!

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Is rear main seal engine or transmission?

The rear main seal keeps oil sealed inside the rear of the engine, where the crankshaft connects with the transmission. It can be expensive to repair, often $600 or more, because it typically involves removing the transmission and, in some cases, all or part of the engine.

Does a rear main seal leak when parked?

If your car seems to be losing oil quickly but you do not see visible leakage when your car is parked, your rear main seal could be in the early stages of failure. … Make sure to check the cover gasket and valley pan for leaks. These much simpler repairs can sometimes be misdiagnosed as a rear main seal leak.

How much does it cost to have a rear main seal replaced?

You will pay between $650 and $850 for this replacement. The labor should cost around $700, while parts are only about $35. These figures do not include taxes, and the fees mechanics may change on top of labor and parts.

How long does it take for Blue Devil rear main seal to work?

Just be patient and give it 30-45 days to work.

Is it safe to use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak?

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak seals engine oil leaks permanently. It is non-clogging and will not harm your engine. BlueDevil is safe and easy to use and is compatible in gasoline or diesel engines.

How can you tell if your rear main seal is leaking?

The best way to prove that you’ve got a rear main seal leak is the check if the engine side of the flexplate or flywheel is oily. If the rear main seal is leaking on your engine it will drip oil onto the flexplate or flywheel and sling oil around the bellhousing.

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Can a rear main seal cause transmission problems?

The seal is there to provide a stable connection while also preventing leaks. Being made of rubber, it can get corroded or weakened with time and normal use. If it does start to leak, then it can lead to major problems, usually within the transmission.

Will a rear main seal leak get worse?

Rear main seal leaks tend to worsen when an engine has warmed to its standard operating procedure. For this reason, a leaking rear main seal is often most evident in the minutes to hours after a vehicle has been parked for the day.

What causes a rear main seal to go out?

Without a regular oil bath, your rear main seal can become dry and hard causing it to not seal properly around the rotating crank shaft. … Things like sand, salt or road grime can cause premature failure of your rear main seal from the outside in. There are many reasons you should regularly change your engine oil.