How do I know what Ford transmission I have?

How do I identify my Ford transmission?

You can find your vehicle’s transmission on your window sticker. It will be listed under Vehicle Description on top of the window sticker.

Will my VIN number tell me what transmission I have?

Some OEMs still use the same 10-digit VIN patterns for automatic and manual transmission vehicles, meaning that VIN alone will not be enough to determine the vehicle’s transmission type.

How do I identify a Ford O Matic transmission?

The identification tag just aft of the shifter lever reveals the application for the transmission. If the tag is missing these letters are some time cast into the transmission case.

How do I identify a C5 transmission?

The length of the transmission is defined as the distance between the front of the bell housing and the seam that separates the bell housing from the body of the transmission. If the length measures 7 inches, the transmission is a C5. If the length instead measures 6 1/4 inches, it is a C4.

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How do I identify a Ford 4-speed transmission?


  1. The Toploader 4-speed transmission is identified by a small metal tag riveted to the right side of the case.
  2. The first line is the transmission’s ID number. The second line is the serial number.
  3. The codes listed here are for Ford vehicles.

How can I tell what transmission is in my f150?

Open the driver’s side door and find the white card on the side of the door that is filled with small black lettering. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details.

Where is the transmission serial number on a?

Transmission serial numbers can be found on the Transmission data plate. The serial number of an Allison transmission may be located on the transmission data plate. This can be located on the side of the transmission.

What does the 8th digit in a VIN number mean?

Vehicle Description Section

The fourth through eighth digits describe your vehicle’s model, body type, restraint system, transmission type, and engine code. The ninth digit is the check digit, which is used to detect fraudulent VINs.

How do I know if I have a 4R70W transmission?

Look for the electronic cable and electrical plug. AODE and 4R70W transmissions have a plug on the driver’s-side rear of the transmission housing. This is where the electronic control cable plugs into the unit and is what differentiates the older AOD transmission from AODE and 4R70W units.

How do I identify a Mustang transmission?

Mustang Transmission Tags

  1. The transmission tag is located on your driver’s side door jam.
  2. On the bottom right of the tag there is an area labeled TR with 5 letters and numbers.
  3. Only the first letter/number corresponds to your transmission.
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What is the difference between a Ford C4 and C5 transmission?

The C4 adapter housing was made of cast iron, whereas the C5’s was made of aluminum. The C4 was a case fill transmission with the dipstick in the case; the C5 employed a pan fill with the dipstick in the pan.

Does Ford make a C5 transmission?

The Ford C4 is a three-speed, medium-duty automatic transmission introduced on 1964 model year vehicles and produced through 1981.

Ford C4 transmission.

Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Production 1964–1986
Body and chassis

What is the difference between C4 and C5?

C4 and C5 instances run on different hardware systems. C4 runs on Haswell chips, while C5 runs on Skylake with the Nitro system. In some situations, such as governmental clouds, all resources have to be vetted and approved. So it’s possible that the C4 might be approved while the C5 isn’t.