How difficult is marine engineering?

Is Marine Engineering is hard?

A marine engineer’s job on a ship is challenging as the engine room is a complex mechanical system with a hostile environment. Engineers mainly work in four-hour shifts and have to do additional hours of maintenance work.

What are the disadvantages of marine engineering?


  • Long time away from home.
  • Monotony in work for being at sea for months at a stretch.
  • Mariner’s and professional engineer licensure is often required.
  • No relief from work when at sea.

Is Marine Engineering tough for girls?

In context of a marine engineering college course of study, no, Marine Engineering is no more difficult for girls than any other engineering course. Obviously a good grasp of mathematics and science would be advantageous.

Are marine engineers rich?

Are marine engineers rich? A marine engineer can expect to be paid around a $76,502 median salary per year. The average salary can go up if the candidate has an engineering design background and experience. Around 10% of marine engineers earn less than $44,000 a year, and around 10% make up to $144,000.

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Is Marine Engineering a good option?

Marine Engineering is an emerging field with a massive scope for experimentation and career advancement. The Shipping industry generates a myriad of career opportunities each year that are stable and lucrative. Skilled marine engineers have a rising demand in the global market.

Which engineering has highest salary?

In terms of median pay and growth potential, these are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider.

  • Big Data Engineer. …
  • Petroleum Engineer. …
  • Computer Hardware Engineer. …
  • Aerospace Engineer. …
  • Nuclear Engineer. …
  • Systems Engineer. …
  • Chemical Engineer. …
  • Electrical Engineer.

What are the benefits of studying marine engineering?

The Marine Engineers will learn about unique applications

  • Oceanographic engineering Renewable energy production.
  • Renewable energy production.
  • Nautical science.
  • Cable laying.
  • Naval architecture.
  • Underwater vehicle research.

What is the use of marine engineering?

A marine engineer is someone who designs, builds, tests and repairs ships, boats, underwater craft, offshore platforms, and drilling equipment. They often work closely with naval architects to design everything from small yachts and fishing boats to submarines and aircraft carriers.

How can I get into merchant navy?

Eligibility Criteria to Join the Merchant Navy

You should take Science (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) with at least 60 % in your class 12th. You should also have 50% marks in English. You should be unmarried at the time of joining. If you are pursuing (Maritime Science, etc.)

What is marine engineering salary?

Salaries in India

In India, a Marine Engineer gets an average salary that can range from 64000 to 96000 INR depending on experience and domain knowledge.

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What should I do after 12th in marine engineering?

5 Best Marine Engineering Courses after 12th

  1. Diploma in Nautical science.
  2. Marine engineering:
  3. B.Sc. Maritime Science.
  4. BBA in Shipping Management:
  5. Ship Building and Repair.

Can girls join in marine engineering?

Yes definitely you are eligible to join Marine Engineering being a girl and for that you must have passed your 12th standard with PCM from a recognised board with minimum 60% marks and you have to appear in one of the given below entrance exam.

Which is the best college for marine engineering?

Top BE/BTech in Marine Engineering Colleges in India 2021

  • The Institutions of Engineers India, Kolkata. …
  • CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar. …
  • Vels University – Vel’s Institute of Science Technology and Advanced Studies. …
  • Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore. …
  • Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata.

Why seafarers quit their job?

Seafarers suffer erratic sleeping schedules, extreme working stress, unfavorable environment, inaccessibility to fresh foods, and inadequate medical facilities that affect a seafarer’s health drastically. Seafarers diagnosed with health conditions are obliged to quit sailing.

What are the subjects in marine engineering?

Syllabus – B. Tech. Marine Engineering

Semester I Semester II
Marine Auxiliary Machines – I Naval Architecture – II
Naval Architecture – I Management Science & Economics
Elementary Design & Drawing Marine Steam Engineering
Material Science Laboratory Fire Control & Life Saving Appliances Laboratory