The service crew at Tire House Mokena performs suspension and steering repairs on heavy-duty trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and commercial trucks.

Does your truck shake at times, feel unsteady or experience tightness/stiffness while steering? Have you been experiencing any excessive swaying or bouncing over bumps with intermittent control while driving and braking? Each of these symptoms is a sign that your truck is due for a steering and suspension repair or maintenance.

Your suspension system components consist of leaf springs, coil springs, shocks, torsion bars, ball joints, hub assemblies and struts – these individual pieces work hard to decrease shock and absorb bounces. These components are constantly working and should be properly inspected and repaired. We offer a fast replacement of ball joints, shocks, struts, sway bars, and hub assemblies.



Our Suspension Maintenance Services Include:

  • Air Ride Systems
  • Control Arms
  • Diagnosis
  • Drag Links

  • King Pins
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Steering column and gear box
  • Sway Bars
  • Torque rads
  • Tie rads ends & assy

  • Tie Rod Ends
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Wheel Alignment